Region Uppsala is responsible for regional development in the county. Our aim is to ensure an innovative and prosperous region offering attractive living environments for all. We work in dynamic cooperation with the county’s municipalities, universities and business community across a variety of key issues to develop and secure a sustainable future of the county.

Together with the county’s municipalities, the Swedish Transport Administration and the County Administrative Board, we safeguard sustainable community development. Region Uppsala also provides high-quality health and medical care, efficient sustainable public transport, and a vibrant, high-quality art scene.

High-quality health and care services

Region Uppsala aims to promote health and improve the quality of life of the people who live in the county. You should feel that we provide equal health, medical and dental care services characterised by high quality, good accessibility and good treatment. We aim to create good opportunities for healthy, safe and sustainable living and working environments. Our resources should be used in the best possible manner, in a way that makes you feel involved.

Efficient sustainable public transport

Public transport creates the opportunity to connect the region in a sustainable way. The goal is for as many people as possible to be able to walk, cycle and use public transport for their daily journeys. This reduces both our climate footprint and the need for space in the county’s cities. By increasing accessibility, public transport expands the labour and education markets, contributing to the region’s employment and development.

Regional development with international lustre

Uppsala county should be an attractive place for you to reside and live your life. That’s why we work together with the county’s municipalities, universities,colleges, business community and public authorities to make the region innovative, prosperous and open to all. We also push for the development of the county’s infrastructure in the form of broadband, roads and railways.

A rich cultural life in an attractive living environment

We work to ensure that the residents of our county have an attractive living environment with access to a vibrant,  art scene of the highest quality, and to inspire them to take advantage of opportunities to get involved. Cultural and creative industries attract visitors from all over the world, promote cultural development and create jobs.



For those of you who collaborate with us, there is a separate collaboration area.

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Phone: +46 18 611 60 41