How the politics works

The Regional Assembly

The highest governing body in Region Uppsala is the Regional Assembly. The Assembly presides over comprehensive matters of great economic importance for Region Uppsala.

The Regional Executive Board

The Regional Executive Board is appointed by the Regional Assembly. The Board leads and coordinates the day-to-day work within Region Uppsala and also oversees other boards and committees.

Boards and committees

Decide on matters within their areas of responsibility and can submit proposals on comprehensive issues to the Assembly.

Sub-committees, advisory committees and councils

Work within their respective areas of responsibility. They prepare and present matters to the Regional Executive Board and the Regional Assembly.

Members of the Regional Executive Board

The members of the Regional Executive Board are responsible for preparing and addressing issues in different political bodies. They are nominated by their respective parties and elected by the Regional Assembly.


The Regional Audit Office is an independent auditing body that checks whether Region Uppsala’s operations are conducted in a controlled, economical and efficient manner.


Political organization chart

The Uppsala region is governed by politicians, officials implement the political decisions. With the help of this organizational chart, you can see how the Uppsala Region is structured.

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