Viktigt meddelande från smittskyddsläkaren

Det pågår just nu en omfattande spridning av covid-19 i Uppsala län. Alla som vistas i länet uppmanas att ta sitt ansvar för att förhindra sjukdom och rädda liv.

Följ fem viktiga råd för att minska smittspridningen.

How you can exercise influence

You have the opportunity to influence developments in Uppsala County. Your feedback helps Region Uppsala to make better decisions.

Voting in the regional elections

Every four years you have the opportunity to influence Uppsala County’s development by voting in the regional elections. Voting takes place at the same time as the municipal and parliamentary elections.

Contact politicians and members

You can make your views known to politicians or members of specific boards and committees. 
Find contact details for Region Uppsala´s elected representatives and members

Appeal against a decision

If you believe that a decision has been made unlawfully or if you think that Region Uppsala has made a decision without being entitled to do so, you can request a judicial review through the Administrative Court in Uppsala.
Request a judicial review through the Administrative Court in Uppsala (


Phone: +46 18 611 60 41